Sunday, 8 January 2012

Looking towards all our futures.

I'll re-publish this posting in the hope I attract a new visitor who missed it last month.
I will open by saying that I am looking for two categories  of people:

1. Those who would like to get involved with establishing what wildlife exists already in Cottam and the immediate area, and perhaps recording it on this blog. Send details to

2. Those who would like to get involved with general conservation issues. It may well be that any interest in either will come from the same individuals. That's O.K.!  Contact me by email - see above.

Think about the following:

Would you like to be involved, as part of the community, to be involved with protecting and enhancing local wildlife?

Would you like to help organise activities that involve local people, and help them to enjoy their community green spaces?

Would you like to help to raise awareness of local wildlife issues?

Then write to me at

Steve Halliwell -           Write to me at
with your polite comments and great ideas about my proposals.

By way of introduction, I was born in Preston rather a long time ago, and recently moved to Cottam from the Fulwood area. I am the Secretary of the Preston Bird Watching and Natural History Society - which is the principal reason for wanting to interest other residents in the area to what it has to offer in the way of natural history.
It is hoped that this will lead to a desire to keep the area in as tidy, well-maintained, and pleasant condition as possible, and hopefully instill a sense of pride that leads to a diminishment of the small amount of problems that do exist.
The area is lucky to have so many ponds that are a natural magnet to wildlife in all its forms. Some are overgrown, some contain detritus of some form or other - from footballs and plastic bottles to traffic cones and large patio umbrellas!
   Photo: Steve Halliwell             The pond at Merrytrees Lane and Greenmead Close

I am hoping that in the fullness of time we will have 'bat walking evenings' (there are a lot of bats in Cottam!) and moth-trapping events (there are a lot of those as well, as the bats will attest!) My main interest is in bird life, so there'll be plenty of that as well.
Please help me with your ideas.
Posted by: Steve Halliwell


  1. Hi Steve

    I think this blog will be a success as many people are very fond of this area and its wildlife.

    One huge issue that I am concerned with currently is the proposal for a monstrously large housing development in the Bartle/Cottom area. We need to keep hold of our green spaces, otherwise this area will lose much of its habitat, in which I have seen bats, owls, deer, hares to mention just a few.


  2. I'm in

    Unfortunately Christian, the Cottam Development has had planning permission since the 1980's... originally Commission for the New Towns, then English Partnerships, now Homes and Communities... need to understand 'Planning'... and Preston City Council aren't very good at that! Their 'Housing Policy' was recently returned by the Inspector... go away and do it again properly... BUT Planning has recently changed and now NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANS are supposedly to be implemented... so it's allegedly down to local neighbourhoods to decide... but nobody knows how it is to be implemented... don't get me started on 'Planning'... see

  3. Also see and have your say on the local development framework (LDF) at

    (which is an absolute disgrace– should have been completed years ago but hasn't even got off the ground... two years max to do a LDF – Preston and Co do their upmost not to do one)... hence no Housing Policy!

  4. Told you not to set me off...

    see also

    The Central Lancashire Core Strategy (December 2010) has been prepared
    jointly by Preston City Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Chorley
    Borough Council. It was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 31 March 2011.
    In accordance with section 20 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004
    Inspector Richard E Hollox BA(Hons) BSc (Econ) MPhil FRTPI FRICS has been
    appointed by the Secretary of State to conduct the examination to determine
    whether the Core Strategy Development Plan Document is sound.

    At the Hearing on 12 July 2011, the Inspector announced that he did not consider
    that soundness had been achieved in respect of the Councils' housing policies,
    and he invited further representations both from the Councils and also
    others who made earlier representations concerning these policies. The
    Examination will continue to remain open until these matters have been concluded
    and until the Inspector's final report has been issued.

    In November and December 2011, in response to the Inspector's concerns, the Councils consulted on a set of Housing Related Changes. The representations received can be viewed here and in person at the main offices of the District Councils during normal opening hours. The hearing sessions for the Independent Examination will formally resume on Tuesday 6 March 2012 at 9.30am.

    The venue will be the:

    Gujarat Hindu Society Centre, South Meadow Lane, Preston, PR1 8JN

    The Councils' anticipated further timetable can also be found below.

    Tony Blackburn is the Programme Officer for the Examination and is dealing with
    all procedural, administrative and programming matters relating to it. He is
    working directly to the Inspector and so, for the purposes of the Examination,
    is independent of the Councils. All correspondence for the Inspector should be
    addressed to him, preferably by e-mail but alternatively by post to the address

    Tony Blackburn, Programme Officer, 15 Ottawa Close, Blackburn, BB2 7EB